What are age requirements to rent a jet ski/ waverunner?

Must be 18 years old to rent with a valid driver’s license and credit card.  Must be16 years old to drive by yourself.  If you are under 16 years old, then you must have someone older then 18 years old on the jet ski in order to drive.

What do I need to rent a jet ski?

A valid photo ID and credit card to hold on file as a damage deposit.

Are reservations required?

No, but you want to ensure you get a machine, then it is recommended.  You must have a credit card to make a reservation.

How much time before I ride should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation to fill out paperwork, watch video, get riding instructions, get life vest and then ride.

What is your cancellation policy?

Must cancel within 12 hours for a full refund.

What if there is bad weather?

There is no charge for bad weather that makes it impossible to ride for hourly or daily rentals.

How fast are the jet skis?

They can go 50-60 MPH depending on the machine.

Do you rent by the person?

You rent per jet ski so you can have multiple riders on each machine.

How many people can ride each machine?

They are rated for 3 persons, 2 is better and 1 is the most fun!  400 pounds total weight limit per machine.

What if I damage the jet skis while I am renting?

Any and all damage is the responsibility of the person renting the jet ski.

Please call with any and all questions you have at 910-769-9902